The birth of a monster...

Lamentation spawned in October of 1994 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. It evolved out of the three man formation Neighbours Enemy (1988-1994). After adding a second guitarist and a singer, the band played a mix of Death, Doom and Trashmetal. In June of 1995 the first demo: "Lamentation" was recorded and released. It was recorded in the old Bibelot in Dordrecht and contained 6 tracks.
In March 1995 the second demo: Consolation In Morbid Prayer" was released. And the band focussed more on playing live. In this period the band went through quite some line up changes, but founding members Lex and Marco stayed loyal to the band and kept it going with a continuing changing line up. In April of 2007 they recieved the terrible news that bass player Marco Besjis had passed away. This led to a halt of all Lamentation's band activities. After some consideration it was decided that there was to be one last gig to honor their friend and bass player.
On the 23rd of August 2008, after a very succesful last show, the curtain fell for Lamentation....

Untill 2018, 10 years after the last show, old band members Lex and Walter decided it was time to resurrect Lamentation. A new battle plan was created, modernising songs and overall sound, and filling in the remaining spots in the line up. New band members were found in Michel Wijngaard (lead guitar), Henk van den Berg (bass guitar) and Stas Verichev (vocals).

Now, 12 years later, Lamentation is back! More then ever dedicated to play better, tighter and more brutal gigs then ever before.


On the 16th of April 2007 we lost our bass player and brother, Marco Besjis. He went on a run and collapsed a long the way where he sadly passed away.

You are forever in our hearts brother!

In Memoriam

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