Ten years in the making....


2018 Marked a new era for Lamentation, when original band members  Alex van den Heuvel and Walter de Groot decided it was time to revive Lamentation. The first plan was to gather up the band members that formed the last line up. When this strategy proved non viable, it was decided to move on to a whole new line up. to move things foreward. With the addition of Michel Wijngaard on lead guitar and Henk van den Berg on bass and Original singer Peter Stout the band was ready to move to stage two. the second stage constisted of modernising some of the the songs and the sound. Finally it was time to move to stage three, getting ready to go back on stage. It soon became clear that Peter was not going to go foreward with Lamentation due to personal circumstances and we decided to part ways. Luckily a new singer was found in Stas Verichev, an experienced singer hailing from Russia. Now, 2020, Lamentation will hit the stage again for the first time in 12 years.



Bibelot - Dordrecht